by James Merritt

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In His Visible Return (5 of 5)
Series: Just Know Him
James Merritt
Revelation 1: 7-8


1. I want to share with you some headlines that actually ran on the front page of American newspapers. Again, as rush Limbaugh would say--I am not making these up:

''something went wrong in jet crash, expert says''
''police begin campaign to run down jaywalkers''
''plane too close to ground crash probe told''
''minors refuse to work after death''
''if strike isn't settled quickly, it may last a while''
''cold wave linked to temperatures''
''couple slain: police suspect homicide''
''new study of obesity looks for larger test group''
''typhoon rips through cemetery: hundreds dead''

2. Now those headlines are humorous, but there is one headline I wish would urn across every newspaper in the world that would be both heavenly, holy, and, quite frankly, extremely helpful. The headline would simply say: Jesus is coming again!

3. The second coming is the singular doctrine that makes Christianity so different from history or science or philosophy. History says, ''look back.'' science says, ''look around.'' philosophy says, ''look within.'' but Christianity says, ''look up.'' the word of god teaches very plainly that the Jesus who rose from the earth, and now reigns over the earth, will one day return to the earth.

4. As we study the second coming of Jesus Christ, I want to give e you two cautions: first of all, the second coming of Jesus is not to be a subject of speculation. Jesus said, ''but of that day and hour no one knows, neither the angels in heaven, nor the son, but only the father.'' (mark 13: 32)

5. It is both futile and foolish to speculate about the precise date of the second coming of Jesus Christ. We're not to speculate on dates or days. The hallway of church history is littered with corpses of false prophets who claimed to have figured out the exact date of the second coming of Jesus Christ. God has not put us on the program commit ...

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