by James Merritt

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Just Know Him in His Victorious Resurrection
Series: Just Know Him
James Merritt
Acts 13:29-39


1. Billy graham once said, ''if I were an enemy of Christianity, I would aim right at the resurrection because that is the heart of Christianity.''

2. The British philosopher, c. E. M. Joad, was once asked, ''if you could ask one question, and be sure of getting the right answer, what would it be?'' without a moment's hesitation, he replied, ''did Jesus Christ rise from the dead?'' that indeed is the question of all questions.

3. To say that Jesus Christ died is one thing. Even to say he died on a cross for the world's sin, is another thing. Because even today anybody could do that. Anybody could get themselves crucified and claim to die for the sins of the world. But to say that three days later he rose from the dead, is another thing altogether.

4. The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the one element that makes Christianity not only superior to every other religion, but totally different from every other religion. Someone has rightly said, ''Christianity begins where other religions end: with the resurrection of Jesus Christ.'' every other religion of the world can point to a founding father, and they can even point to his grave. But only Christianity points to an empty tomb and says, ''our founder is alive.''

5. The apostle Paul, standing in a synagogue in Antioch, preached boldly to the Jews the truth of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. In just one part of his message he shared three vital truths about the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

I. The physical nature of his resurrection

1. Recently I read an article in the Atlanta journal that had this headline: ''American seeks tomb of Genghis Khan.'' this is the way the article read:

Somewhere under the vast Mongolian sky, lies the grave of Genghis Khan, the thirteenth century warrior, who once ruled two-thirds of the known world. Buried with him may be a priceless treasure, the ...

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