by James Merritt

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Just Know Him in His Vicarious Death (3 of 5)
Series: Just Know Him
Dr. James Merritt
1 Peter 3:18


1. Jesus Christ died when he was about thirty-three years old. Other than the fact that he died as a relatively young man, on the surface there seems to be nothing unusual about that statement.

2. The reason why that seems to be a routine statement, is because death comes to everyone. When the Irish writer, George Bernard Shaw, completed a statistical study on the subject of death, he said he came to just firm conclusion: One out one people dies.

3. Normally, that is why biographers seldom spend much time on the deaths of their subjects. However, when we come to Jesus, this rule is broken because about one-third of the ''gospels'', which is the closest thing we have to a biography of Jesus, is devoted not to his life, but to his death.

4. Now we have already seen that Jesus was totally different in his birth from every other human being, because he was born of a virgin. We have also seen he was totally different in his life from every other human being, because he was absolutely sinless. But I want you to learn now that Jesus was totally different in his death from every other human being in this respect-every other human being ever born was born to live, but Jesus was born to die.

5. The great preacher, Dr. R. G. Lee, put it like this: ''His death prearranged, prophesied, and provided by God, was no afterthought. Jesus was born with the shadow of the cross upon him. With the shadow of the cross upon his heart, he learned to walk, he learned to talk, he learned to work. From his earliest moment upon this earth it was his burden by day, his pallet by night.''

6. Normally, people are remembered by something they accomplished by their living. For example: When you think about George Washington, you immediately think he was the first president of the United States. When you think about Benjamin Franklin, you remember he discover ...

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