by James Merritt

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In His Virgin Birth (1 of 5)
Series: Just Know Him
Dr. James Merritt
Isaiah 7:14


1. The apostle Paul, the greatest preacher, the greatest missionary, the greatest theologian, and the greatest soul-winner the world has ever known, said in phil. 3:8, that compared to knowing Jesus Christ, everything else in life is literally ''dung.''

2. I am beginning a series of messages entitled ''just know him.'' the apostle Paul went on to say in that same chapter in v.10 that his major goal in life was ''to know him and the power of his resurrection.'' there is no knowledge that can compare to the personal knowledge of Jesus Christ. To know Jesus one must begin by knowing him in his virgin birth.

3. Television talk-show host, Larry king, was once asked who he would most like to have interviewed from across all of human history. He named Jesus Christ. When he was asked the question, ''what would you have asked him?'' Larry king replied, ''I would like to ask him if he was indeed virgin born? Because the answer to that question would define history.''1

4. Well, I wish I could inform Mr. King that an interview is totally unnecessary. We already have the greatest witness of all, the word of god. As we shall see, it declares unequivocally that Jesus Christ was indeed virgin born.

5. But Larry king is right. His birth does define all of history, for ever since that night 2000 years ago, when the angels sang, and the stars bowed down, and the shepherds worshipped, and the wise men brought gifts, this world has never been the same. But it all began with the virgin birth.

6. Today we are going to study the birth of the only man who at the moment he was born, was as old as his father, and older than his mother.

I. The shameful condemnation of his birth

1. Notice this prophecy begins with this fact: ''the lord himself will give you a sign.'' now you would think that one statement would be good enough for anyone to believe in the virgin bi ...

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