by James Merritt

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Glory Guaranteed (9 of 9)
Series: Jude - Keeping Up Your Guard
James Merritt
Jude 24-25


1. Before Woodrow Wilson became president of the United States, he was president of Princeton university. One day he had to endure an hour-long interrogation by an anxious mother who wanted to be sure that Princeton was the best place to send her son.

2. He patiently tried to answer everyone of her questions, and assuage everyone of her doubts, but finally, his patience came to an end. He held up his hand and looked at her and said, ''madam, we guarantee satisfaction, or you will get your son back.''1 there is nothing quite like a guarantee to put you at ease.

3. The next time you are in an airport, observe the difference between passengers who have confirmed tickets and those who are flying standby. You can always tell the difference. Those with confirmed tickets are reading newspapers, talking, napping, or maybe even waiting in line to get something to eat. But the ones on standby hang around the ticket counter like a vulture around a piece of meat-- pacing, smoking, rubbing their hands, constantly inquiring as to the availability of space.

4. Now there are many Christians who are just like people that fly standby. They have confirmed reservations for heaven. As a matter of fact, they are even flying first-class on a 777. Yet, they sweat and fret as if they are flying standby.

5. We have discovered, as we have studied the book of Jude, that big things do indeed come in small packages. Jude ends this letter the same way he begins this letter, by trying to assure the saints of their eternal salvation. He wants us to know that we have glory guaranteed. There are three reasons we can know that we are guaranteed for glory.

I. God's matchless power

1. The entire doctrine of eternal security, that is, once you are saved you are always saved, is built around the words ''to him who is able.'' (v.24) dear friend, that is the bottom line. That ...

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