by James Merritt

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God's Prescription For A Healthy Christian (7 of 9)
Series: Jude - Keeping Up Your Guard
James Merritt
Jude 17-21


1. I heard a story one time about a young doctor just getting started in his first practice out in the country. This was back in the days when doctors made house calls.

2. Late one night he got a call from a farmer who said, ''doctor, come quickly, my wife is seriously ill.'' Well, grabbing his little black bag he hurried out to the farm. The farmer met him on the steps, rushed him into the house, and upstairs into the bedroom where his wife lay sick. The doctor took a look at her, told the farmer to step outside and shut the door.

3. In just a moment the doctor opened the door and said, ''quick, get me a screwdriver.'' The farmer ran downstairs, got a screwdriver and handed it through the door. The doctor shut the door, they stood out in the hall wringing their hands; they could hear moans and groans.

4. In a minute the doctor was back at the door. He said, ''quick, get me a pair of pliers.'' The farmer ran downstairs, got a pair of pliers, came back and stuck them through the door. The doctor shut the door and they began to hear more moans and groans.

5. In just a minute the doctor came back and said, ''quick, get me a hammer and chisel.'' Well, by that time the farmer had had it. He said, ''wait just a minute, doctor, what is wrong with my wife?'' The doctor said, ''I don't know, I can't get my little black bag open.''

6. Dr. Jude did not have that problem. He knew what was wrong. For the first sixteen verses Jude has painted a bleak picture. The tunnel has been dark, the road has been long, and the path has been rough. He pulls no punches and he minces no words, and warns of the danger of apostates; false teachers who at one time profess to know Christ, but then turn away from the truth.

7. Then in v.17 we read these two words: ''but you.'' Now he is talking not about apostates, but rather to the saints. He ...

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