by James Merritt

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Heaven Can't Wait (38 of 39)
Series: The King Is Coming
James Merritt
Revelation 21:1-22:5


1. In hebrews 11:10 we are told that abraham was ''looking for the city which has foundations, whose builder and maker is god.'' just as abraham was looking for that city, we ought to be looking for that city. Every christian ought to be looking for heaven. Every christian ought to be longing for heaven. Every christian ought to be living for heaven.

2. Billy sunday once said, ''if we could get a real appreciation of what heaven is, we would all be so homesick for heaven the devil wouldn't have a friend left on earth.''

3. The bible actually teaches that there are three heavens. First of all, there is the atmospheric heaven, this is the heaven which is immediately above us, where the birds fly. Then there are the planetary heavens, that is where the sun and the moon and the stars live day in and day out, but then there is what the bible calls ''the third heaven.'' paul said in ii cor. 12 that he was ''caught up by the spirit into the third heaven.'' this is where god lives.

4. Someone has said that we see the first heaven by day; we see the second heaven by night; but we see the third heaven by faith.

5. We are given in this wonderful passage of scripture a glimpse of glory, we are given a snapshot of this third heaven, it is an unbelievable scene. Though it is an accurate description i am sure it is not an exhaustive description because ''eye has not seen, and ear has not heard what god has prepared for those who love him.''

6. I am reminded of a little boy that was out walking one night with his grandfather. It was one of those beautiful star lit nights. The sky was deep blue, and it seemed like million stars were dancing on parade.

7. The little boy pulled at his grandfather's coat- tail and said, ''grandpa, if heaven is so beautiful on the outside, i wonder what it looks like on the inside?''

8. We are given here an inside l ...

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