by James Merritt

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A Marriage Made in Heaven (34 of 39)
Series: The King Is Coming
James Merritt
Revelation 19


1. I suppose there is nothing more exciting than a beautiful wedding, at least for the major participants. I have performed weddings where I honestly thought the groom was going to faint before the ceremony even began. (in fact, when I got married I thought I was going to faint before the ceremony even began.) But there is always a sense of excitement in the air, particularly on the part of the bride and the groom.

John doe on his wedding day was a most excited creature he handed his wife the marriage fee and tried to kiss the preacher!

2. But there is a wedding coming that is going to end all weddings. In fact, there has never been a wedding like it before, and there will never be a wedding of any kind afterwards.

3. The bride in this wedding will be beautiful. Now I have done a number of weddings, and I can honestly say I have never married a bride that was not beautiful I can remember three or four brides that just barely made it. But I can honestly say every bride has been a beautiful bride. This bride is the church, the redeemed of all the ages who have been bought by the blood of the lamb. There has never been a more beautiful bride than this one.

4. The groom in this wedding will be glorious. Now all grooms are usually handsome (notice I said usually). Rarely, if ever, is the groom more handsome than the bride is beautiful. But no groom has ever been as handsome as this one, for this groom is none other than the Lord Jesus Christ.

No mortal can with him compare, among the sons of men, fairer is he, than all the fair who fill the heav'nly train.

5. Furthermore, the honeymoon will be holy. This will be the only marriage in history where the honeymoon will never end. When this groom carries this bride over the threshold of their heavenly home, no one will ever be able to say, ''the honeymoon is over'' for this is a marriage made ...

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