by James Merritt

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It Won't Be Long Now (23 Of 39)
Series: The King Is Coming
Dr. James Merritt
Revelation 11:14-19


1. The title of my message is a quote taken from a Monkey who accidentally got his tail cut off and then Said, ''it won't be long now.'' as you come to this Portion of the book of the revelation you can almost Begin to feel things heat up and speed up. We are About to enter into the last three and one-half years Of this seven year period known as the great Tribulation.

2. Chapter 11 is a watershed chapter that divides the First half of the tribulation and the second half of The tribulation. It is to prepare us for the most Terrifying time the world has ever known.

3. Remember that there was first the breaking of the Seven seals. But with the breaking of the seven seals There was the sounding of the seven trumpets. These Seven trumpets were divided into groups of four and Three. The first four were war trumpets. The next Three were woe trumpets. With the blowing of the Seventh trumpet we enter into that third woe. ''the Second woe is past. Behold, the third woe is coming Quickly.'' (v.14)

4. This trumpet and the sound of it will carry us Through the entire second half of the great Tribulation. We read previously in chapter 10 and v.7 ''but in the days of the sounding of the seventh angel, When he is about to sound, the mystery of god would be Finished, as he declared to his servants the Prophets.'' so we know that the sounding of the seventh Trumpet is not one blast that is over in just a Moment, but rather takes place over a period of time Known as the great tribulation. The sounding of this Trumpet continues. Over the last three and one-half Years of the tribulation period and covers all that Transpires during this terrible period of time.

5. But keep in mind that the focus of this passage, as Well as the entire book of revelation, is not on the Tribulation, but rather on the throne. It is not on The sorrow that is approaching, but ...

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