by James Merritt

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In the Eye of the Storm (17 of 39)
Series: The King Is Coming
Dr. James Merritt
Revelation 7:1-17


1. I do not know very much about the weather. I Certainly cannot predict it, I do not always Understand it, and sometimes I do not even like it. But I have learned that I have to put up with it. Someone wrote a poem about a man who learned how to Handle the weather. It goes like this:

Whether the weather be good, Or whether the weather be not, Whether the weather be cold, Or whether the weather be hot,

Whatever the weather, He weathered the weather, Whether he liked it or not.

2. I was studying the weather recently in an Encyclopedia and came across some interesting facts About cyclones. From day to day on planet earth, great Masses of air are moving from one place to another. Some wind systems are of high barometric pressure, and Others are of low barometric pressure. From time to Time winds begin to circulate around these low Pressure centers in a clockwise or counter clock-wise Fashion, with tremendous force, resulting in rain, Hail, and very high winds. This rapid rotation of wind Is known as a cyclone. Cyclones take various forms: Hurricanes, typhoons, and in the deep south, tornados.

3. If you have ever been around a tornado you know What a terribly frightening thing it can be, my home Town of Gainesville, Georgia was destroyed in 1936 by One of the worst tornados ever to strike the deep South, but if you could climb into the top of a Tornado and suspend yourself in the very center of it, You would find absolute calm. All around you would be Havoc and destruction# but where you would be would be Peaceful and calm. That calm quiet area at the center Of that cyclone is known as ‘‘the eye.’’

4. Chapter 7 is the eye of god’s storm. In chapter 6 We saw the judgment winds of god blowing on this Earth. But now there is a lull in the storm. When you Leave chapter 6 the world is in a terrible mess. The Four horsemen of the apocalyps ...

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