by James Merritt

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The Church at Pergamum: A Church in the Hot Seat (8 of 39)
Series: THE KING IS coming
Dr. James Merritt
Revelation 2:12-17


1. As the letters to the seven churches are examined it is interesting to note the cities in which these churches were located, for it seems that if each city had its own unique feature and peculiarity, for example, two things stand out in the city of Pergamum.

2. First of all, it was a center of instruction. In the city of Pergamum was one of the most famous and largest libraries of the ancient world. It had over 200,000 volumes. In fact, next to the library that was found in Alexandria, it was the largest library in all of the world.

3. One of the interesting things I found out was that the use of parchment, the skins of animals, as writing material was invented in Pergamos. The name parchment comes from the town of Pergamos; the Greeks were great exporters of papyri, the material from which paper was made. But they got into a feud with the citizens of Pergamos and they cut off all supply of paper to the city.

4. Well the city had to turn to another avenue of written communication and so they developed the use of animal skin, or sheepskin, as writing material. So today, for example, when you graduate from college your diploma is called a ''sheep skin.'' that refers to the material in which the diploma is written. So the use of animal skin called parchment, as a type of paper, was invented here in the city of Pergamum. It was a very learned city, a city of education where great scholars came to study.

5. But it was also a center of idolatry. In this city was a temple built to the four great Greek gods. There was a temple to Zeus, a temple to Dionysius, a temple to Athena, and a temple to Aesculapius. In addition to this, there were not one, but three different temples that were dedicated to the worship of the emperor, Caesar.

6. Now the lord Jesus called this city, the city ''where Satan's throne is.'' ...

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