by James Merritt

The Truth about Temptation
James Merritt
James 1:13-15


1. James moves from dealing with the Christian going through trials in verses 2-12 to enduring temptation in verses 13-15. The word for trials and temptations is the same word in the Greek language but in reality it has two different ''meanings, a trial is a hardship or a problem or a trouble that inevitably comes into every person s life, and these are tests sent by god to make us stronger.

2. Temptations, however, are inducements to do wrong. They are enticements to do evil. And these are traps set by Satan to make us stumble. A simple way to remember the difference is trials are to test us while temptations are to trap us. Trials are v meant to strengthen our faith while temptations are meant to weaken our faith.

3. You can rely on the fact that Satan has temptations waiting on every one of us, you as a Christian are at war with Satan and one of his biggest weapons is the weapon of temptation. One of the weapons used so often by enemies in war is to lace a piece of land - - with land mines. In the same way Satan has filled - your everyday life with mines, but they are not - - land mines. They are lust mines. For James says in verse 14, ''but each one is tempted when he is carried away and enticed by his own lusts.'' if you could picture your life as an open field, as you walk through it you are going to have to be very careful and avoid stepping on lust mines. For if you do, they will explode into sin.

4. Now be careful to note that temptation is not a possibility in the Christian's life. It is a probability. 2 for notice in verse 13,,that James says 'let n; one say when he is tempted, not if he is tempted, temptation is going to be true of everybody especially true of the Christian. Don't get the idea that once you get saved that you're through with Satan and Satan is through with you, hen you get saved you just enlist for duty in god s army and he sends you immediately to t ...

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