by James Merritt

Fighting for the Faith
James Merritt

1. Jude has written a letter that could have easily been written yesterday or last week. Or it could have been written back in the 1920's when the fundamentalist were doing battle against the so-called modernists. It is relevant to the debate between creation and evolution. It is relevant to the debate between conservatism and liberalism-it is relevant to the debate between the truth and false teaching. It is relevant to understanding cults, it is relevant to understanding liberalism in schools and seminaries and colleges and universities.

2. The problem that Jude is dealing with simply put is the problem of apostasy, the problem of liberalism, the problem of modernism, it is the problem of false teaching. It is the problem of cults. It is the problem of a person professing to believe in Jesus and then teaching doctrine and so-called truth that is contrary to the word of god, Jude is writing to the church and warning the church that they must be on guard against people who would disguise themselves as angels of light pretending to teach the truth when indeed they are teaching a lie. These are people who like to count themselves as part of the Christian crowd but indeed they are in reality a part of the godless gang, these are people who on the outside give the appearance of being a Christian and yet on the inside are as empty as graves. They are apostates. That is they are people who have superficially accepted Jesus Christ but not sincerely. And then they come to a point where they reject the teaching of Jesus altogether and begin to teach doctrines of demons. They begin to teach things that come from the wisdom of man and not from the spirit of god. They are liberals. They are apostates. They are false prophets.

3. Now how do I know that we are speaking hereof people who really are not Christians though they appear to be. Jude says in verse 19that they are - not having of the spirit, now we know ...

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