by James Merritt

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Saved and Certain (12 of 15)
James Merritt
1 John 5:6-13


1. There are 2 things that must be true of anyone if he is going to be used of god:

1. He must be saved and, number
2. He must know that he is saved.

2. John taught a ''know-so'' salvation. The word know is used 33 times in this short epistle. Even though John was an apostle of love and was a loving apostle, John knew that love was not some wishy- washy emotion that would cause a man to go around agreeing with everybody and everything. When it came to the truth, John was not wishy-washy. He was set in his ways. When it came to this matter of being saved and knowing it, John was dogmatic. John was definite. You could even say that John was doctrinaire. John said you can know now. You can know today. You can know here that you are going to heaven.

2. We are living in an age of uncertainty. There are many things that are no longer very certain. It - is impossible to be absolutely certain about every- thing. I heard about a woman who came out of a beauty salon and she was met by her neighbor. And her neighbor said, ''why, sally. What in the world have, you done to your hair? It looks just like a wig, I she said, 'it is a ,wig.'' she said, ''well, you could have fooled me. We cannot be certain about some things but one thing is certain and that is a man can be saved and know it. As a matter of fact, you had better be certain of your salvation. For you cannot be used fully of God if you are not sure of your own salvation. With the first requirement for a soulwinner is to be sure of his own salvation. And you will be so much more useful for God when you - 2 get full and final assurance that you indeed .are saved.

4. I was reading about the construction of the golden gate bridge, when they first started to build the bridge, no safety devices were used and 23 men fell to their death. After that they spent $100,000.00 to put a large net under the construction it saved the lives of 10 ...

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