by James Merritt

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The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth (9 of 15)
James Merritt
1 John 4:1-6


1. We live not in one world but in reality two worlds. We live in a world that is seen and we live in a world that is unseen. There is a world that is visible. There is a world that is invisible, there is the physical world. There is the spiritual world. There is that world that is natural and there is that world which is supernatural.

2. The physical world that we can see is in a real mess. Vouch of our world is engulfed in the flames of revolution and rebellion. Other parts of our world are sinking in a sea of decadence and disillusionment. But the real battle taking place in the world today is a battle that is being fought in reality in the spiritual world , you see the major battle in the world today is not a battle between conservatism and liberalism. Nor is it the battle of capitalism versus communism, nor is it the war between materialism versus Marxism. It is not the battle of m versus feminism. It is not the battle of republicanism versus racism. All of these battles are in reality just little brush fires-. The real battle of our world today is the battle of truth versus error, of light versus darkness, of God versus Satan, and-of the spirit of Christ versus the spirit of anti-Christ.

3. You have heard of private detectives., well what we need today is 'prophet. Detectives.' we need to learn to detect God' s preacher from- Satan's prophet. Just as there are preachers-inspired by God's Holy Spirit there are prophets who are inspired by Satan s demonic spirit and we need to learn to 2 discern between the two. For liberalism and communism and Marxism and feminism and racism and humanism and materialism and socialism can only succeed to the extent that Satan and his prophets succeed.

I. The verification of Satanic prophets

Immediately john begins by exhorting God's people t to believe every spirit". Two things amaze me today about the ave ...

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