by James Merritt

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Victory in Jesus (7 of 15)
James Merritt
1 John 3:4-9


1. Someone once asked general Douglas MacArthur what is the most important lesson a soldier fighting a war needs to learn? And Douglas MacArthur replied, ''he must learn quickly that there is no substitute for victory.'' no statement ever uttered has been more true about the Christian life than that one. If you try to substitute anything for victory as you live for Jesus you're going to pull the plug of joy right out of your Christian life. Too many Christians are sailing to heaven on the ld gospel ship waving the white flag of defeat instead of the red flag of victory.

2. How are you doing in your war against sin? How are you doing in your war against Satan? Too many of you are trying to win a victory that Jesus won 2000 years ago. Do you realize that the word of god never tells us that we are to defeat the devil. It tells us we are to resist the devil. The Bible never tells me that I am to defeat sin. The Bible says that I am to consider myself dead to sin.

3. You have been told many times that salvation is in 3 tenses. We have been saved from the penalty of sin. We are being saved from the power of sin. And some day we will be saved from the presence of sin. The problem is too many of us are still too tense about that second tense. We hear that we are being saved everyday from the power of sin but for many of us, if that statement is true then our salvation hasn't yet taken full effect.

4. Now john is saying that no born again Christian should be satisfied with anything less than complete victory over sin and over the devil day by day. The 2 king of kings does not want his children living in the rags of defeat. He wants them to be wearing the robes of victory. This victorious life that you hear preached about and spoken about so much is not just for the preacher, not just for the evangelist. It is not just for a few spiritual superstars. The victorious Christian life is a promise ...

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