by James Merritt

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The Rest of the Story (4 of 10)
James Merritt
Philippians 2:5-11


1. There are two things I absolutely hate to do. I hate to go into a movie late. I despise missing the beginning of a story. In fact, the later you go to a movie, the more time it takes to figure out the plot and by the time you finally figured out the plot the movie is over. But I also hate to go to a movie and then have to leave before it is over. Have you ever been getting ready to go somewhere, and while you are getting ready you flip on the TV and something is on that catches your eye and you get interested in it, and just about the time you're really engrossed in what you're watching, it's time to leave and you have to turn the TV off. I hate to see some thing, get interested in it, and then have to leave wondering about the rest of the story.

2. Whenever you hear any story it is important to get the full story and to get that story in its proper order. I heard about a fellow who had been invited to a banquet and he was to sit at the head table. But he was a very poor conversationalist. I, fact, he was a very shy person. And he was going to this banquet that was going to be filled with prominent and important people. He was talking to a friend about his problem and he was asking him how he could carry on a good conversation. His friend said, ''Just ask the right questions to get the conversation going and the other person will think you are a fine conversationalist.''

3. The fellow said, ''What kind of questions?'' He said, ''Well begin by asking, 'are you married? ''' And they will begin to talk all about themselves. And then ask them if they have any children. Then ask them if they have any grandchildren. That conversation should last a long time. So this man went to this banquet and surely enough he was seated beside the most important and elegant lady in town. Well, after the food was served he thought he would start. So he said, ''Do you have any children?'' She ...

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