by James Merritt

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"What I Want From My Church"
James Merritt
Philippians 1:9-11


1. One reason Paul was a man of great power was he was a man of prayer. One reason Paul was a man of exalted privilege was he was a man of prayer. One reason Paul was a man of high position was Paul was a man of prayers every church Paul founded was an answer to prayers every book Paul wrote was born out of a heart of prayer. Every sermon Paul delivered was bathed in the power of prayer.

2. Here we catch a glimpse of how great a prayer warrior Paul was. The Philippian church was on Paul s personal prayer list. Notice how he prayed for this church. He prayed sensitively. Paul prayed for those areas where the church was most in need of heaven s help and God's guidance.

3. He prayed supernaturally. Remember that when Paul prayed this prayer he was in prison, the mamertine prison in Rome, a dark lonely dungeon. A thousand miles away in chain and under guard and yet he knew he could touch this church by prayer. Paul knew they could bind his body but they could n chain his prayer.

4. He prayed specifically. Paul's prayer was pointed. It was direct. So often we will pray God bless our church, or God guide our church. Those kinds of prayers are nothing more than vague shibboleths that call for vague answers. Paul's prayer was to the point.

5. Now what Paul prayed for this church I believe he would pray for our church, what Paul desired for that church w want for this church or for any church that I pastor.

I. A Compassion That Flows--Verse 9

1. The word abound is a Greek word that literally means to flow or better to overflow . It is the picture of water being poured into a bucket until the bucket literally overflows.

2. The heart of a child of God should overflow with the love of God, we are told in Romans 5:5 "The love of God has been poured out within our hearts through the holy spirit." The Greek word for "poured out" literally means flooded. Our hearts should be ...

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