by James Merritt

It's Later Than You Think
James Merritt
I Peter 4:7-11

1. I want you to focus in on this first phrase in verse. The end of all things is at hand. Literally the Greek says the end of all things has drawn near. It's later than you think. Jesus is coming again and this coming is very near, in fact, let me tell you 3 things that are always true about the second coming of the Lord Jesus.

A. His Coming Is Imminent.

Jesus can come at any moment. He can come at any time. Now his coming may not necessarily be immediate but it is always imminent. It can always happen at any time.

B. His Coming Is Inevitable.

You cannot stop it. You cannot escape it. In fact, the second coming of Jesus is the only thing that really is inevitable. You see even death is not I. There is a chance that you and I may not die if Jesus comes back today, I will never go through death and you will never go through death. But, the only reason that death is not necessarily inevitable is because the second coming of Jesus is inevitable. There is a real possibility that I may not die but there is no possibility that Jesus will not come again. His coming is inevitable.

C. His Coming Is Irreversible.

When he comes time will be over. All opportunity will be gone. All life will be ended and then only one thing will remain and that is judgement. When you see him coming in the clouds, the process of judgement which has begun is irreversible, and all opportunity to be saved, all opportunity to do for God what we need to be doing for God and what needs to be doing through us will be over.

2. That is why Peter was correct when he said that the end of all things is near, you see ever since Jesus died on the cross we have been in the last days. You read so often that we are in the last days. One of the favorite ways that the apostles used to describe the age in which they lived and the age in which we live is the last days. Now the reason why we are in the last days is because th ...

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