by James Merritt

The Rest Of The Story
James Merritt
I Peter 3:18-22

1. Paul Harvey has a very interesting radio program that I like to listen to entitled "The Rest of the Story". During this program, Paul Harvey gives you some little known obscure fact about a certain person or a certain event that somehow has remained hidden from every day history. But, no matter the subject it all adds interest and a different light on the subject or the event he is discussing and when he finishes his little story or anecdote he will say to his listeners, "Now you know the rest of the story."

2. Everybody knows about the crucifixion of the Lord Jesus Christ. Everybody knows about the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. But, the question is: how much do you know of Jesus between his crucifixion and his resurrection? Where was Jesus during this time between when he was crucified and when he was bodily raised from the dead? Was he taking a nap there in the empty tomb? Did he actually go through soul sleep? Just exactly where was he and what was he doing if anything? In this passage of scripture Peter gives us "The Rest of the Story." Under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, Peter sheds light on what I believe to be a very interesting question; that is, and where was Jesus between the crucifixion and the resurrection? What was he doing between the crucifixion and the resurrection and why was he doing it?

3. Now let me say immediately that the passage of scripture before us is one of if not the most difficult passage in all of the Bible to interpret. Since the second century, there have been more than 90 different interpretations tempted by scholars and exegetes of this passage - even such an imminent saint as martin Luther said 'this is a strange text and certainly a more obscure passage than any other passage in the New Testament. I still do not know for sure what the apostle means. Now the interpretation that I am going to give this morning in the message that I am going to preach ...

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