by James Merritt

The Sure Way To Glory
James Merritt
I Peter 2:18-25


1. It is something the world desperately wants but only God can give. Men live for it. Men die for it. And yet so few people ever experience it. For so many people it is the only thing in the world that makes life worth living. Some people are addicted to it. They cannot get along with it and once it passes them by if they've ever had it many commit suicide because they know that it is gone forever.

2. What is it? It is a nebulous, elusive thing that we call glory. Movie stars want to bask in its sun. Heros want to bath in its waters. Beautiful women want it pictured. Politicians want it publicized. Everybody wants it and yet so few people have it. Glory. Distinction. Renown. Honor.

3. When all seems a lost cause, we have a little saying, "Well let's go out in a blaze of glory."

4. Well, friend, God's people are people of glory. If you want to see a person of distinction of honor, of renown, of glory, look at a child of God. Peter tells us that we are on our way to glory. Look in chapter 1 and verse 8 and not only that we have glory--the glory of Jesus right now. Look over in John 17 and verse 22, the way of Jesus is the way of glory. If a man follows Jesus, he is on the sure way to glory.

5. But let me warn you, the way of Jesus is not the way of the world. The way the world will tell you to get to glory is not the way of Jesus. The world says the sure way to glory is to be the boss. Jesus says the sure way to glory is to be the servant. The world says the sure way to glory is the easy life. Jesus says the sure way to glory is a hard and rocky road. The world says the sure way to glory is success. Jesus says the sure way to glory is salvation. If you want glory--real glory--eternal glory--God's glory, you can have it today by following Jesus Christ. Now, God's glory is manifested in 3 different ways:

I. The Glory Of Submission - Verse 18

1. Peter had a deep concern for sub ...

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