by James Merritt

"The Mormons: Jesus And Joseph Smith"
James Merritt
I Tim. 4:1-2


1. The Holy Spirit according to Paul explicitly said that in later times some will fall away. Now if the Holy Spirit explicitly says something you best pay attention to it. This particular prophesy has never been more fulfilled than in the Mormon church. Paul said that in the later times or you can translate that in the latter times or in the latter days many will fall away from the faith. It is interesting to note that the Mormons known as the church of the "latter day" saints like what Harry Ironside said when he was talking to a Mormon once. The Mormon said, "Excuse me sir I am a member of the church of the latter day saints. What are you and he said "I am a member of the church of the former day saints." what he was saying was I am a member of the church of the saints who go back strictly and only to the New Testament.

2. We are going to find that Mormonism is one of the most vicious and pernicious and perverted aberrations of Christian truth that you can find. Now there are some people who get upset when you talk about the faith of other religions. But I want you to know that Jesus would be upset if we didn't. For Jesus said that anyone other than orthodox Christians who profess to be Christians are indeed wolves in sheep's clothing. I will say again that your average Mormon is an industrious, clean-living, moral, upright, forthright citizen. But we are not dealing with their deportment. We are dealing with their doctrine. We will find out that the cornerstone of their religion is a man just like the cornerstone of our religion is a man. But the cornerstone of our religion is Jesus while the cornerstone of their religion is Joseph Smith. We need to be reminded once again of what John said in his second epistle verse 9 "Anyone who goes too far and does not abide in the teaching of Christ does not have God. The one who abides in the teaching he has both the father and th ...

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