by James Merritt

"The Challenge Of The Cults"
By James Merritt
I Tim. 4:1-2


1. There is an enemy facing the church in America as sly as a serpent, silent as a mouse and as deadly as poison. Though it is a serpent, you cannot feel its bite. Though it is a mouse, you can hear it if you listen. Though it is poison, its taste is sweet to the lips.

2. Though it is an enemy of the church, you would think that the church is one of its best friends. Someone has said, the cults are the unpaid bills of the church." What that statement really says is the success of the cu l is due primarily to the failure of the churches cults only walk where churches fail to tread, whey only grow in the soil that the church fails to tend. They only succeed where churches never try.

3. We live in what many call the most religious nation on earth. We have more churches, more preachers, more seminaries, more theologians, and send out more missionaries than any other country in the world. Yet, listen to one observation that a great Christian made concerning cults. "We in the united states gave the world a crop of false religions. We sowed to the wind the error of Mormonism plus the Jehovah’s witnesses lie. Christian science was born in this fair land. We gave the world these and other cults also having sown to the wind we are now reaping the whirlwind. Our youth are captured by the thousands in sun yung moon's net. The hare-karishna cult as the moonies find that almost 0% of its followers is composed of intellectual young Jews. Now we have Muslim mosques across the nation. America is a mission field for heresy, and the stuff thrives in our midst." All five cults that we are going to be discussing have their greatest strength and the greatest number of followers right here in "Christian America." Well, how could this happen? How can it be happening right now? How great is the challenge of the cults?

I. The Meaning Of The Word Cult

1. What is a cult? How do you define it? Dr. ...

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