by James Merritt

Mutiny on the Bounty
James Merritt
Genesis 6:1-7


1. Imagine a wealthy tycoon building a cruise ship; the biggest best most beautiful cruise ship ever; every cabin is a suite with king size beds, televisions, piped in music; every type of food imaginable is available, and you can eat all you want at any time.

2. Then imagine that the owner of this ship is so generous he lets anyone on board, to stay as long as they want to stay, absolutely free. That's right, you can cruise for as long as you want, absolutely free.

3. Now imagine that all the passengers, except one, come together on this ship and decide they want to take the ship over. They take this benevolent owner, tie him up, weight him down, kick him out, intending to throw him overboard. Now that is a modern day parable of what happened in the days of Noah.

4. God had created the luxury liner "Planet Earth." He had created the human race to cruise on this ship absolutely free. Air, water, food, sunshine, was provided at no cost. He had given everyone "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." But the inhabitants rebelled, decided they wanted to take over, and throw God overboard.

5. But there is only one problem. This is one Captain who can't be kicked off his own ship. So he builds another boat called "The Good Ship Grace," and takes one loyal passenger, named Noah, and his family; puts them on this ship and sinks the luxury liner and all of its passengers. Noah and his family go on to sail the seven seas and enjoy their new home.

6. Now that story is true as far as it goes. But like Paul Harvey, we need to hear "the rest of the story." For the story of Noah and the ark is really a story about the Lord Jesus Christ. Because in Noah I want you to see a picture of the saint; in the ark I want you to see a picture of the Savior; and in the ark, preserving Noah through the flood, I want you to see a picture of the salvation that the saint has in the Savi ...

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