by James Merritt

"Just One Look Is All It Took"
James Merritt
Numbers 21:1-9


1. It is very very rare that one gets to hold a miracle in his hand, much less see one. But may I say to you, that every time you pick up a Bible, you are not only looking at a miracle, you are holding a miracle in your very hands.

2. It is incredible that a book that was written over a period of two thousand years, by fifty different authors, could have the unity of a book that was written by one man in one day. You would think that the Old Testament, written in Hebrew, with a thought pattern and the cultural identification of the Hebrew; and the New Testament, written in common Greek, with a thought pattern, and the cultural identification of the Greek, would have absolutely nothing in common. Yet, there is a unity between these two testaments that is so natural that it has to be supernatural. Do you know what the relationship is between the Old Testament and the New Testament?

- The New is in the Old enfolded, and the Old is in the New unfolded.

- The New is in the Old contained, and the Old is by the New explained.

- The New is in the Old concealed, and the Old is in the New revealed.

- The New is in the Old foreshown, and the Old is in the New full grown.

3. You are going to see this beautifully illustrated in one of the greatest pictures of salvation, through the Lord Jesus Christ, in all of the Bible. Now the background of this chapter is as follows: Israel had wandered in the wilderness for thirty- eight years, but God had pledged that he would bring them safely into the promise land.

4. God had led them, and God had fed them. But the children of Israel had gotten sick and tired of both the leading and the feeding, and they began to murmur and complain, not just against their leaders, but against the Lord. God sent judgement upon them in the form of fiery serpents. But with the punishment came the pardon, and this is the ...

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