by James Merritt

What the Church Needs Now
James Merritt
1 Chronicles 29:3


1. A recent article entitled ''What the World Needs Now'' reported the results of a Gallup poll which reported seven needs of the average American:

1. The need for shelter and food.
2. The need to believe life is meaningful and has a purpose.
3. The need for a sense of community and deeper relationships.
4. The need to be appreciated and respected.
5. The need to be listened to and to be heard.
6. The need to feel one is growing in faith.
7. The need for practical help in developing a mature faith.1

2. As I studied those seven needs, it occurred to me that there is not one need listed that the church cannot meet and is not best equipped to meet.

3. But then I turned that question around, and I wondered if we were to take a poll of the church and entitle it ''What the Church Needs Now,'' what would the results of that poll be?

4. Well I speak as the pastor of a church; one who has been in the ministry now for over twenty years; who has grown up in the church; whose life has been built around the church; who will die serving the church, and as one who has studied the Word of God and discovered what God says are the needs of the church.

5. I do not believe I would be far off the mark to say that there are three basic needs that every church has, that every true member of the church should be willing to meet with joy, with enthusiasm, with zeal, and with determination.

I. The Church Needs Your Loving Affection

1. The background of this story is fascinating. David had a desire in his heart to build a house for God. It was a legitimate desire; it was a noble desire; it was an honorable desire.

2. But God, in his sovereign will and purpose, did not want David to build the house. He wanted David's son, Solomon, to build the house. Now David was still the King of Israel. He could have pouted; he could have sulked; he could have said, ''Okay, if that's the way you ...

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