by James Merritt

"I Can Hardly Wait To Pass The Plate"
James Merritt
II Corinthians 9


1. A pastor was preaching away to his congregation about their need to move forward and to do great things for God, and he said, "Children, if we are going to start moving forward as a church, we've got to walk."

2. A deacon sitting in the front row, said, "That's right preacher, let the church walk."

3. Then the preacher said, "After we walk, we're going to have to run."

4. The deacon again supported the pastor, saying, "Yeah, preacher, let it run."

5. The preacher then said, "After we run, it's time to fly."

6. The deacon shouted, "Let it fly, preacher, let it fly!" The pastor then said, "Well, if the church is going to fly, we need to take up an offering."

7. The deacon then shouted, "Let it walk, preacher, let it walk!"

8. Now I am fully aware that to many people the church is like a hotel, and the instant they know that the preacher is going to talk about giving, they want to go to the front desk and check out. Many of you are thinking right now, "If he's going to start talking giving, messing with my money, and wooing my wallet, I'm outta here."

9. There is a terrible disease afflicting the church today called "cirrhosis of the giver." It was discovered in 34 A.D. by a husband and wife named Annanias and Sapphira. This acute condition renders the patient's hands immobile when they are called upon to move toward their wallet, or purse, on route to an offering plate. Now for some reason this strange malady is never seen in such surroundings at the golf club, the supermarket, the clothing store, or restaurants. But it is only seen in the church.

10. Well, in case you suffer from this terrible malady, for which the only known cure is salvation and revival, I want to give you a fair warning. Jesus said, "It is more blessed to give, than it is to receive." (Acts 20:35)

11. Now there are all kinds of s ...

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