by James Merritt

"Until He Comes"
James Merritt
II Timothy 4:1-5


1. Last Will and Testament. Do you have one? The vast majority of Americans do not. Many never think about it; many do not want to think about; some do not need to think about it.

2. One multi-millionaire died, and his family gathered at the attorney's office to hear the reading of the will, and to collect what they thought would be a tremendous inheritance. The attorney unsealed the document, and soberly intoned: "I, John Smith, being of sound mind, spent every dollar I had, and had a wonderful time."

3. What we have in this fourth chapter of II Timothy, is Paul's last will and testament. He wrote these words within weeks, maybe days, perhaps even hours, of going to heaven. As the sun is setting on his life, there is no fear, just faith; no anxiety, just anticipation; no regret, just release; no sorrow, just satisfaction.

4. He reminds his young protege, Timothy, of two facts. First, Jesus is coming; secondly, judgment is coming.

"I charge you therefore before God and the Lord Jesus Christ, who will judge the living and the dead at His appearing and His kingdom. (v.1)

5. The King is coming, and the kingdom is coming. In light of these truths, he shares with Timothy three admonitions to remember "until He comes."

I. The Charge To Be Faithful

1. The charge that Paul gives to Timothy is summarized by the first three words of verse 2, "Preach the word!" Notice carefully, he did not charge Timothy to heal the sick, raise the dead, speak in tongues, or trade in miracles. He charged Timothy to preach the word. Then he told Timothy then, as he tells us now, exactly how we are to preach the word.

A. Preach Confidently

1. The word for preach is a word that literally means to proclaim outloud, to share with other people. Now in that sense, every Christian has been called to preach the word of God.

2. This word refe ...

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