by James Merritt

"Life's Greatest Question"
By James Merritt
I John 5:13


1. Dr. R. G. Lee preached a blistering message one Sunday, and after the service a lady came up to him and said, "Dr. Lee, I didn't like that sermon one bit." Dr. Lee said, "Neither did the Devil, lady, classify yourself." Speaking spiritually, I believe there are basically five classifications of people who are in the building this morning. First of all, there are sinners. Now I mean by that, people who either are not aware that they are lost and need to be saved, or they don't care that they are lost and need to be saved, or they will not declare that they are lost and need to be saved.

2. But then there are seekers. These are sinners who are aware that they are lost, and they care that they are lost, they know that there is a void and a vacuum in their life. Something is missing and they are looking for the answer.

3. Then there are saints. These are sinners who became seekers and found what they were looking for in the Lord Jesus Christ. They have been wonderfully saved.

4. Then there are servers. These are saints who realize that trusting the Lord Jesus was not the end of the Christian life, but it was just the beginning, and they are serving the Lord. They realize that every saint has been saved to serve. So they are active and they are busy serving the Lord. I don't mean just trying to live a good life; I mean trying to live a godly life; trying to make a contribution to the church and to the work of God.

5. But then there are soul-winners. These are servers who realize that the greatest service that can be rendered to both God and man is to bring sinners to Jesus Christ.

6. Someone has well said that if a man has a soul, and he does, and if that soul is going to live forever, and it is, and if that soul can be won or lost for all eternity, and it can, then the most important thing a person can do on this earth is to win souls to the ...

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