by James Merritt

"Let's Go Sow"
By James Merritt
Psalm 126:5-6


1. I want you to listen to the following statements:

1. Dr. George W. Truett, the great Pastor of the First Baptist Church Dallas said, "The bringing of one soul to Jesus is the highest achievement possible to human life."

2. John Wesley, the great preacher/evangelist and founder of Methodism, said to his students, "You have but one business, and that is the salvation of souls."

3. Someone once asked Lyman Beecher, one of the greatest preachers of his generation, "Mr. Beecher, you know a great many things. What do you consider the greatest thing that a human being can do or be?" This famous preacher replied, "The greatest thing is not that one should be a scientist, important as that is; nor that one should be a statesman, vastly important as that is; nor even that one should be a theologian, immeasurably important as that is, but the greatest thing of all is for one human being to bring another human being to Jesus Christ the Savior."

4. Someone else has said, "If a man has a soul (and he has), and if that soul can be won or lost for eternity (and it can), then the most important work in the world is to bring men and women to Jesus Christ."

2. Now the fact of the matter is, we ought to be winning people to Jesus. But few Christians are always doing it. Some Christians consistently do it. Other Christians seldom do it. But most Christians never do it. It is estimated that 95% of all professing Christians have never led a soul to Jesus Christ.

3. No wonder Dr. R. G. Lee said, "The greatest sit-down strike in the world is in our churches where those who claim to be saved have never yet become fishers of men."

4. Well I want to say to those of you who have done it, who are doing it, or who have never done it - LET'S GO SOW. The text that we have before us is going to tell us how to do it, why to do it, and what happens when we do.

I. ...

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