by James Merritt

As the World Turns
James Merritt
Genesis 1:1-24


1. There are three groups of people today, many of whom are ungodly, most of whom are anti-godly, called atheists, humanists and evolutionists. They are determined to eliminate God from our thinking and from our living. They begin by saying that this universe in which we live just happened. But the problem is, they cannot tell us what happened because they were not there when it first happened. Only God can tell us what happened because He was there in the beginning.

2. Scientists can theorize and hypothesize but only God can tell us what really happened at the beginning of it all because only God was there. A lot of these people remind me of the little boy who caught a bumblebee on his way to school. He put it in a bottle and stuffed it in his hip pocket. When he got to school he was squirming around in his seat and the cork came out of the bottle, and the bumblebee got loose in his pants. Then he really started squirming about and the teacher said, ''Johnny, what are you doing?'' He said, ''Well teacher, there's something going on back there that you don't know about!'' Well there is something that went on back at the beginning of time that only God knows about, and only God can tell us.

3. We are going to see in this chapter the remarkable birth of planet earth. I want to say at the beginning that what the Scripture says about creation is also what true science says. Because logic tells us that Scripture and science can never contradict one another since the God who wrote this book also wrote the book of nature.

4. Wouldn't you agree that the God who planted the first tree should know his botany. I think the God who flung the first stars into space understands astronomy. I would believe that the God who placed the first granite rock into the ground can comprehend geology. Surely the God who launched the fouls of the air and the fish of the sea is an expert on zoology. I know that the ...

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