by James Merritt

"Why God Is Not Our Heavenly Mother"
By James Merritt
Matthew 6:9


1. Billy Graham was speaking to a group of clergy in London, England, several years ago, and he was asked the question, "If you had your ministry to do all over again, what would you change?" People looked startled, because what could the most successful evangelist in the history of the church, possibly change. Billy Graham said, If he had it to do over again he would "study three times as much as he had done, and he would give much more time to prayer."

2. I am preaching a series of messages on The Lord's Prayer that I have entitled, "Hotline to Heaven," because that is exactly what prayer is. Dwight L. Moody once said, "We talk about heaven being so far away. The fact is, heaven is within speaking distance of those who belong there."

3. I want to make three strong statements about prayer I believe with all of my heart. First of all, prayer is our greatest power. Prayer, in the name of Jesus, can do anything that God can do, and God can do anything. Nothing lies outside of the power of prayer, except that which lies outside the will of God.

4. Prayer is also our greatest privilege. Think about it. When we pray, we exercise communication to God; we experience communion with God; and we enjoy the companionship of God.

5. Therefore prayer ought to be our greatest passion. Have you ever thought about all the things the disciples could have asked Jesus to teach them? Not one time did Peter go to Jesus and say, "I want you to teach me that walking on the water trick you do." Neither James nor John took Jesus a bass and a loaf of bread and said, "We're having a big family reunion next week; show us that gig you did on the hill the other day with the five thousand." No, they never asked Jesus to teach them how to turn water into wine, how to stop storms, or raise the dead. But in Luke 11:1 the disciples said to Him, "Lord, teach us to pray ...

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