by James Merritt

"When We Come To The End Of The Trail"
By James Merritt
II Corinthians 5:1-8


1. In a Boston museum hangs a painting with the title, "The End of the Trail." It is the painting of an Indian who is sitting astride his pony, and both the Indian and the pony are very old. You can tell that both are about to die. The pony has his head down and all he sees before him is the ditch in which he is to be buried. But the old Indian, made in the image of God, is sitting astride that pony with his face pointed up toward the heavens and his hands stretched out. Almost as if to say, "I have come to the end of the trail. I hope there is something more."

2. There is an age-old question that has been asked from time immemorial, found in Job 14:14, "If a man dies, shall he live again?" Is death a period in the sentence of life, or is it just a comma?

3. now that is an important question. Because there is something that a life has in common with a street, a book, and a movie - they all have endings. Your life has an ending just as surely as it had a beginning. Your heart only has so many beats, and then it will beat no more. Your lungs have so many breaths and then they will breathe no more.

4. When you come to the end of the trail; when you reach the end of the journey; when you finally make that move from the cradle to the casket, is there something more?

5. One hundred thousand people come to the end of the trail every day. As a matter of fact, with every tick of the clock somebody dies. We all know that if the Lord tarries the bony fingers of death are going to knock on every heart here.

6. But I want to say to you if you are a child of God, if Jesus Christ is sincerely and totally your Lord and Savior, death is a foe that you must face, but it is not a fact that you should fear. For there is no doubt what we face when we reach the end of the trail. We don't have to hope that there is more beyond, and we don' ...

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