by James Merritt

"Jesus Is All You Need"
By James Merritt
John 6:1-14


1. I don't watch a great deal of television, and what I do watch is mainly news and sports. But there is one game show that I do like to see whenever I can catch it, which is rare, and it's called Jeopardy! If you've seen this show you know it's just the opposite of most game shows. The answer is given, and then in essence you must ask the question. So I want to play that little game this morning and give you the answer and see if you can ask the question. The answer is: The feeding of the five thousand. Now what is the correct question? The correct question is: What is the only miracle that Jesus performed that is recorded in all four gospels?

2. Now every miracle that Jesus performed was a mighty marvelous and meaningful miracle. But this miracle must have been especially significant since Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John all felt they should include it in their gospels.

3. This miracle, perhaps more than any miracle Jesus ever performed, illustrates the truth that Jesus is all you need. The miracle takes place on the eastern shore of the Sea of Galilee just below the Golan Heights, directly across from the Mount of Beatitudes.

4. Jesus had traveled all the way across the sea to try to get some rest and relief. A mighty multitude had followed him relentlessly for various reason: some to listen, some to learn, some to look, and a few to love. The sun was setting, evening was coming, stomachs were growling - it was supper time! Twelve disciples were faced with the unenviable task of trying to feed five thousand men (this does not include the women and children).

5. The disciples were convinced this was "mission impossible" - and it would have been except for Jesus. Jesus used this situation to teach one of his greatest lessons.

I. A Serious Lack

1. There was a severe shortage of two items that day. One shortage that was obvious a ...

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