by James Merritt

"No Doubt About It"
By James Merritt
Jude: 24,25


1. I was in an airport one time, and this has happened on many occasions. I had a ticket for a certain flight. I had a confirmed reservation, so I was just calmly awaiting for the attendant to tell us to board the plane.

2. But I noticed one man who was extremely nervous. He was puffing on a cigarette, pacing back and forth, wringing his hands, going up to the counter, it seemed like every minute or so, checking to see if a seat had become available.

3. Now what was the difference between him and me? Well I had a reserved seat, but he was flying standby. He, quite frankly, did not know whether he was going to be able to get on that plane or not.

4. There are many Christians who are just like that man. They have confirmed reservations for heaven. In fact, they are even flying first class on a 777. Yet, they sweat and they fret as if they are flying standby.

5. Well I want to tell you this morning that if you are indeed saved, you are as sure for heaven as if you were already there. There is no doubt about it. In these last two verses Jude, the half brother of the Lord Jesus, gives us some of the greatest words of assurance found anywhere in the Bible. Now in v.24 we have a word of theology, and in v.25 we have a word of doxology. Both of those words are very meaningful.

6. The word theology comes from two Greek words: the Greek word theos meaning "God," and the word logos meaning "word." So theology literally means the "word of God." A theologian is someone who studies the word of God.

7. Likewise, the word doxology comes from two Greek words: the word doxa which means "glory," and the word logos which means "word." So a doxology is literally a "word of glory" or, a "word of praise."

8. Now theology and doxology always go together because the word of God is all about grace. In the Bible grace and glory always go together. "For th ...

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