by James Merritt

Do You Know What Time It Is?
James Merritt
Psalm 118:24


1. Time is a subject that is precious to all of us. But it is also a subject that is extremely hard to define. Webster's dictionary defines time as ''a nonspacial continuum in which events occur in apparently irreversible succession from the past, through the present, to the future.'' Well really, that tells us what time does - it marches on. But it doesn't tell us what time is.

2. The great poet, Henry Longfellow said, ''What is time? The shadow on the dial, the striking of the clock, day and night, summer and winter, months, years, centuries - these are but the outward signs, the measure of time, not time itself.''

3. Augustine was right when he said, ''I know well enough what time is, provided that nobody asks me; but if I am asked what it is and try to explain, I am baffled.''1

4. Well time may be hard to define, but we do know what it is. We know how important it is. When a person finds out that he has a terminal illness, the first question he will ask, ''How much time do I have left?'' Time is a funny thing. We don't mind wasting it, but we will do anything to keep from losing it.

5. The greatest queen in the history of Great Britain was Queen Elizabeth. She launched the ships which smashed the power of Spain and saved England from the papacy and the Spanish Inquisition. She ruled over Great Britain during her glory days, when she was at the zenith of her power, and she reigned for forty-five years.

6. But when she died, a haggard woman of 70, frantically hanging on to life, her last words were these: ''I would give all my possessions for a moment of time.''

7. It is amazing to see how we spend these precious moments of time that we have on this earth. Did you know that in a lifetime the average American will spend five months tying his shoes, six months sitting at stoplights, eight months opening junk mail, one year looking for misplaced objects, two years unsucce ...

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