by James Merritt

"Back To The Future"
By James Merritt
II Kings 17:5-23


1. I want to give you a quick quiz. See if you can identify the following country:

- I am the most powerful nation on earth.

- My people are the best fed, best bred, best led in the world.

- I have an educational system second to none.

- The law of the land is based on the law of the Lord.

- Our motto is: "In God We Trust."

- Our founding fathers came from another nation and found freedom in another land.

- We were founded to be "One Nation Under God."

Who Am I?

2. Now you may be saying America, but you could have been speaking of Israel three thousand years ago. Because at one time all of these things were true of her. At one time in her glorious history, Israel was the most powerful, productive, prosperous nation in all of the world.

3. But then the implausible, the inconceivable, the impossible happened. Israel, God's chosen nation, a nation that was conceived in the providence of God, covered by the protection of God, and controlled by the power of God, fell to a pagan, heathen, unbelieving nation. A nation that was born in a day died in a moment.

4. Every time I read about the Nation of Israel, her founding - her faith - her failure - and her fall, I feel like I am being taken "back to the future." Because in so many ways Israel is a mirror image of America. I believe there is a striking parallel between what did happen to Israel and what is happening to America.

5. No, America has not yet fallen, but I believe she is tottering on the brink of destruction with one foot on a banana peel and the other on an ice cube. We need to examine how the Nation of Israel fell from the grace of God. Because as a wise man once said, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."1 There are three lessons we can learn about the fall of this nation.

I. The Cause: Rebellion Aga ...

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