by James Merritt

America's Only Hope
James Merritt
2 Chronicles 7:14


1. The average age of the great civilizations in history have been two hundred years. That being true, that means that America is living on borrowed time, and that I do believe to be true.

2. America is a sick nation.

Since 1960 there has been:

- A 560% increase in violent crime
- More than a 400% increase in illegitimate births
- A quadrupling in divorces
- A tripling of the percentage of children living in single parent homes
- More than a 200% increase in the teenage suicide rate
- A drop of 75 points in the average SAT scores of high school students

3. Today, 30% of all births and 68% of black births are illegitimate. Even though the United States has only six percent of the world's population, we have 80% of the divorces. We lead the industrialized world in murder, rape, and violent crime. Eighty percent of all of the whiskey consumed in the world is consumed by Americans.

4. We have become a nation where the criminal is deified, the victim is vilified, and where evil is called good, and good is called evil. We have become a nation where the life of the snail darter has become more valued than the baby in the womb. We have said, loudly and clearly, by the people we have placed in the highest offices of our nation, ''Our character doesn't matter, why should yours?''

5. We are a nation that is marked by moral regression, sexual revolution, and spiritual rebellion. I predict that before America is conquered from without, she is going to corrode from within. America will not die by homicide, she's going to die by suicide. We will not ultimately be destroyed by what someone else will do to us, but what we do to ourselves.

6. Hear me, and hear me well. America's biggest problem is not inflation, interest rates, budget deficits, or even crime. Her biggest problem is sin.

7. America's greatest enemy is not Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Cuba, nor Russia. America's greate ...

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