by James Merritt

God Bless America
James Merritt
Psalm 33:12


1. Our nation is on a true high right now. Our position, our prestige, our power has been restored in the minds of many to a place of unquestioned preeminence. Operation Desert Storm confirmed too many that we are still the most powerful nation on earth. We are still the number one military power to be reckoned with. Old fashion patriotism seems to be back in vogue.

2. I am reminded of a story of a Baptist who was being bothered by one of these religious groups that are known for going door-to-door in the community. This particular religious group had been bothering this man quite frequently.

3. This man was a southerner. He was a country boy. He was a veteran of the Marine Corps. He didn't know what to do, so he went to his pastor and said, ''How can I get rid of these people?''

4. The pastor said, ''Well, I know these people. They don't believe in saluting the flag. They don't believe in singing the National Anthem. So the next time they come, you just make them pledge allegiance to the flag and sing the National Anthem, and they will go away and leave you alone.''

5. Well this ex-marine got upset. He said, ''You mean to tell me they will not salute our flag, and they will not sing the National Anthem of the country I fought for?'' He said, ''I will take care of them.''

6. He went out and found the biggest U.S. flag he could find and put it on the wall of his home. He found a copy of the National Anthem and taught his family everyone of the verses. He thought to himself, ''I will be ready for them next time.''

7. Well he looked out one morning, and sure enough here came a little old lady across the yard with a satchel. He thought to himself, ''I'm going to fix you once and for all.''

8. Before she could even knock on the door he opened it, grabbed her by the arm, brought her inside and said, ''Stand right over there! I want you to do something before you say a word or open ...

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