by James Merritt

A Word to the Wise
James Merritt
II Chronicles 1:7-10
Proverbs 2:1-7


1. You remember the story I'm sure of Aladdin and his magic lamp. Aladdin would rub the lamp, a genie would appear, and he could ask for anything that he wanted and the genie would say, "Your wish is my command," and he would grant him whatever he wished. Now we all know that is just a fantasy, it is just a fable.

2. But what if it really happened? If you came upon a magic lamp such as that with a real genie, what would you wish for? I heard about three men who were on a boat that shipwrecked and they wound up on an island out in the middle of the ocean. No way to get help, no way to get home, and they were walking that island depressed and dejected and right in the middle of the sand they kicked up a magic lamp. They could not believe their fortune. They rubbed the lamp and a genie came out and looked at those men and said, "I will give each of you one wish." Well the first man said, "I wish I was in Hawaii on the beach with my wife." Poof! He was gone. The second man said, "I wish I was back in my office in New York City." Poof! He was gone.

3. Well the genie looked at the third fellow and said, "What is your wish?" Well this man looked around so sadly and said, "It sure is lonely here all by myself, I wish my buddies were back here with me."

4. What if a situation like this really happened. What if an all-powerful being appeared to you who could do anything and said, "Your wish is my command." For what would you ask him?

5. That situation actually happened. Almighty God, Omni-present, Omniscient, Omnipotent, once made Solomon that very offer. "On that night God appeared to Solomon, and said to him, "Ask! What shall I give you?" (II Chron. 1:7)

6. Well what did Solomon ask for? Did he ask for popularity that he might be famous? Did he ask for possessions that he might be rich? Did he ask for power that he might be influential ...

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