James Merritt
Psalm 121


1. One of the most powerful pungent poignant plaintive words in the English language is the word help. It is the ultimate admission that a position of humility has finally been attained. Because only the humble, not the proud, only the broken, not the arrogant, dare to use this word.

2. Help! - it is the cry of a mother with four children, three dogs, two cats and a parakeet after a week at home, while the husband has been away in Hawaii on a "business trip."

3. Help! - it is the cry of a college student who sits down to take his final exam, only to discover he has studied the wrong chapters.

4. Help! - it is the cry of a man sitting at a table surrounded by a stack of unpaid bills, hungry children, an empty bank account with no job in sight.

5. Help! - it is the cry of a woman who has poured her life into hearth and home for twenty-five years only to have the husband she adores walk in and say, "I'm leaving. I have met someone else, and I don't love you anymore."

6. Help! - it is the cry of a teenage boy whose self esteem is found in a drug-induced stupor and whose best friends are a hypodermic needle and strong nostrils.

7. Have you ever been in a position where you needed help? More than that, have you ever been in a position where the only one who could possibly help you was God?

8. There is an old familiar story about a man who was walking along the edge of a cliff and he fell over. About a third of the way down the cliff he reached out and grabbed this vine that was growing out of the side of the rock. He was hanging there dangling thousands of feet from death, and he began to cry out, "Help! help! help! somebody help me!" Well, all of a sudden a deep voice was heard from heaven that said, "My son, I will help you."

9. The man said, "Oh dear God, I am so glad to hear your voice. I'm so grateful that you will help me. Please get me out of this predicament."

10. God ...

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