by James Merritt

All In The Family
James Merritt
Genesis 45


1. A little boy was talking to his daddy one time and he said, "Dad, where were you born?" He said, "Well, I was born in Kentucky." He said, "Well, where was mother born?" He said, "Well, she was born in Indiana." He said, "Well, where was I born?" He said, "You were born in Georgia." He said, "Where was baby sister born?" He said, "She was born in Alabama." Then the little boy broke out into a huge grin and said, "Dad, isn't it great that God got us all together."

2. There is nothing like having the family all together. In Genesis 45 we see the greatest family reunion in human history. It has been twenty-three years since Joseph and his brothers have met face to face. Even though he knows them, they do not know him. They have been made to sweat, fret, and regret what they had done to him.

3. But God had kept his word. All of his brothers had been bowing down to him just like God had said in Joseph's dream. Joseph was over them and above them and could do anything he wanted to do to them. It was because of that he forgave them.

4. Benjamin Franklin said, "Doing an injury puts you below your enemy; revenge makes you even with him; but forgiveness puts you above him."

5. In more ways than one Joseph was above his brothers. He is a picture, a portrait, a prophecy of the Lord Jesus Christ. To put it another way, the Lord Jesus is our heavenly Joseph. Even though we have betrayed Him, rejected Him, and crucified Him, He still wants us all in the family. The way Joseph dealt with his brethren is the same way that Jesus deals with his brethren.

I. The Revelation That Confronted Them

1. Now Joseph knew his brothers before they knew him. They would not have known him if he had not revealed himself to them. John said about the Lord Jesus, "He was in the world, and the world was made through Him, and the world did not know Him." (John 1:10) The way Joseph reveals h ...

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