by James Merritt

God Has Something Special for You
James Merritt
Genesis 37


1. There was an evangelist whose wife died leaving him with two little boys to rear. He hired a woman to stay with them while he was in his crusades, and he would always make a point to return each time with presents for his boys. Well, on one particular trip he forgot to buy their gifts.

2. As soon as he walked in the door, the first thing they asked him about was the presents. He said, ''Boys, I tell you what we will do. We will go down to the store and I will let you buy anything you want.'' So they stopped at this large store and first they went to the candy counter. They decided they wanted some candy. But their Dad suggested that they keep looking for awhile. Then they came to some cowboy suits with toy guns, the hat, rope, etc. The boys said, ''That's what we want, the cowboy suits.'' The father said, ''Well, look a little bit longer.''

3. They moved farther back into the store to the sporting goods section. They picked up basketballs and began to dribble them, and said, ''Dad, we want these basketballs.'' They were all excited about the basketballs and the dad said, ''Well, let's look just a little bit longer.'' Finally, they went all the way back, and against the wall were two shiny beautiful 10-speed bicycles. The father said, ''How would you like those!'' Those boys left that store with far more than they ever bargained for. They started out wanting candy, and ended up with the most expensive bikes in the store that their father had wanted to buy them all the time.

4. I want to say to you that God not only has something wonderful for you, but He has something far greater than you could ever imagine. The man named Joseph can give a firsthand testimony of the truth of that statement. Joseph illustrates four facts that you will find to be true as you walk the path of life that God has cleared for you. If you will remember these four truths then no matter how dark the cl ...

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