by James Merritt

"Just Like Jesus"
By James Merritt
Genesis 37:1-2


1. According to the word of God there are only two kinds of people in this world: sinners and saints. Now the only difference between the two is one has been forgiven, and the other has not.

2. God has one purpose for the sinner and another purpose for the saint. Now if you are a lost sinner, by that I mean you have never been saved; you've never trusted Christ as your Lord and Savior, God's purpose for you can be described in one word - salvation. God wants you to be saved. That is, to receive Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.

3. But if you are already saved, you are a saint. God's purpose for you can also be summed up in one word - sanctification. That is, God wants you to become just like Jesus.

4. One-fourth of the book of Genesis is about a man named Joseph. It is interesting that only five words are given over to the creation of the galaxies where the first chapter of Genesis simply states: "He made the stars also." (v.16) Yet, fourteen chapters are given over to this man named Joseph.

5. There are many reasons why I believe that is true. But the main reason is, perhaps more than any other character in all of the Old Testament, Joseph was just like Jesus. You don't have to work hard until you see Jesus in Joseph. As a matter of fact, you need to remember that all of the Bible is about Jesus.

6. Sometimes people get the idea that the Old Testament is about the Jews, and the New Testament is about Jesus. Friend, it is all about Jesus.

7. I was reading recently about a manuscript of the United States Constitution that was so written that when it was held at a distance the shading of the letters and their position showed the face of George Washington. Likewise, when you get the Scriptures in proper focus you will see the glorious face of the Lord Jesus Christ.

8. You will find as you study both the Old and the New Testament ...

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