by James Merritt

"Tame That Temper"
By James Merritt
Ephesians 4:26-27


1. "Respiration deepens; the heart beats more rapidly; the arterial pressure rises; the blood is shifted from the stomach and intestines to the heart, central nervous system and the muscles; the processes of the alimentary canal cease; sugar is freed from the reserves in the liver; the spleen contracts and discharges its contents of concentrated corpuscles, and adrenalin is secreted."

2. That is the physiological description of an angry person as given by Dr. Walter Cannon, a researcher at Harvard University.1

3. Anger is a boiling sun that is burning hotter over our modern society than ever before. More than 60% of the homicides in America are committed by angry family members.

4. We are living in a world that is seething with anger. This type of anger is both ungodly and unhealthy. Dr. Redford Williams, Director of Duke University's Behavioral Medicine Research Center, states, "The hostility and anger associated with type A behavior is the major contributor to heart disease in America."2 People who have problems with anger are five times as likely to suffer coronary heart disease as the average person.

5. Henry Drummond, a great preacher of an earlier generation, preached one of the greatest sermons on love ever heard. He published it in a little booklet called, The Greatest Thing in the World. He said, "No form of vice, not worldliness, nor creed of gold, nor drunkenness itself, does more to un-Christianize society than an evil temper." Truer words have never been spoken.

6. Now there is a difference between anger and aggravation. A little girl was doing her homework one time and asked her father to explain that very difference. He said, "Oh, that is easy." He went to the telephone, dialed a number and had his daughter listen in. When the man answered he said, "Hello, is George there?" The man angrily said, "There is no one here named Georg ...

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