by James Merritt

"You Are Somebody"
By James Merritt
Psalm 8


1. I want you to imagine King David, who wrote this Psalm in his early days as a young shepherd. Out there among his flocks one night he lies down on the ground and looks up into that brilliant eastern sky. There he sees twinkling diamonds, we call stars, hanging on the black crepe of the night.

2. He sees that bright white beaming ball of light, we call the moon, suspended in space. He looks at the vastness of it all. Then he looks at his puny little teenage body up against the backdrop of that magnificent universe, and he feels so insignificant and so unimportant. Have you ever felt like that?

3. I think sometimes we feel like the man who went to see a psychiatrist one time. The psychiatrist said, "How may I help you?" He said, "Well, I have an inferiority complex, and I need you to help me." He said, "Alright, I'll do my best." The Psychiatrist saw him for two hours every day for three months. After all of those exhausting sessions, he looked at the man and said, "Sir, you do not have an inferiority complex." The man said, "I don't?" He said, "No, you are inferior."

4. That's how David felt, and that may be how you feel. It's easy to feel inferior living in a day and age when man has been reduced to simply being a higher species of the animal.

5. Someone has observed that in the 18th Century the Bible was killed by destructive criticism. In the 19th Century the idea of God was killed. In our 20th Century man has been killed.

6. Well what the world thinks of man is one thing. But what God thinks is another, and it is the most important thing. God says no matter what others may think of you, no matter what you may think of you, you are somebody. David looks at mankind through the eyes of God, and notice what he sees.

I. The Mystery Of Man

1. David sees a strange mystery as he looks at man in the light of this vast univer ...

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