by James Merritt

What’s Wrong with this World Anyhow?
James Merritt
Romans 5:12-21


1. One verse in the Bible tells us what is wrong with this world, Romans 5:12, "Therefore, just as through one man sin entered the world, and death through sin, and thus death spread to all men, because all sinned-What is wrong with this world? S-I-N.

2. Now that is a word that we do not hear very much anymore. Now don't misunderstand, sin is still alive and well. We just don't call it sin anymore. The name has been changed to protect the guilty.

3. What used to be called sin is now called error, a mistake, misjudgment, psychological maladjustment, glandular malfunction, a mental disorder.

4. No longer is a man a thief, he is an embezzler. No longer is the woman a prostitute, she is a call girl. No longer is someone a drug addict, they are a substance abuser. There is an article that I cut out from the Atlanta Journal a couple of years ago that had a great title, "BRING BACK SINS AND WEAKNESSES: WE WERE A BETTER SOCIETY THEN." This particular reporter has something really worth saying that I believe society needs to hear again.

Here are just a few excerpts:

I am not a "recovering" sex addict, like Wade Boggs, or even a "recovering" love addict, like all those women who love men too much. I'm not addicted to alcohol or drugs, like Kitty Dukakis, or to money or cigarettes.

So I'm feeling out of it these days. No disease to define me, no support group to comfort me, no degradation to confess.

When I do something stupid, it's not because I'm impaired by thirty-something

Adjustment Syndrome. It's just my own personal stupidity. It's all my fault.

Sometimes I think I am the last person in America who can say: It's my fault - without a psychiatrist, two psychologists, three therapists, and four best-selling authors telling Oprah's fans that the disease made me do it, but I really didn't enjoy it.

I'm getting sick of not being ...

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