by James Merritt

"Haste Makes Waste"
By James Merritt
Genesis 25:19-34


1. There are six great days in the life of an individual who lives a normal life span. The first great day is when he is born. The next great day is when he is saved. The third great day is when he is married. The fourth great day is when he has his first child. The next great day is when he has his first grandchild. The last great day is the day he dies.

2. Now Isaac had experienced the first three days, but he was still awaiting his first child. Isaac was the son of a famous father, Abraham, who went on to become the father of a famous son, Jacob. Jacob himself would go on to become the father of the twelve tribes of Israel. He would go on to become a part of God's "three musketeers," Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

3. We come to that point in Isaac's life when he and Rebekah are crying out to God for a child. As we read this story keep in mind that we learned in the 24th chapter of Genesis that Isaac is a picture of the Lord Jesus Christ, and Rebekah is a picture of the church of the Living God. Just as the marriage of man and wife picture the relationship between Christ and His church, we can learn some deep and powerful principles about the relationship we have to Christ today and His church, and what Jesus expects from that relationship.

4. So keep in mind as you study this story that there is more than meets the eye. There is a surface truth, but there is also a deeper truth. You are going to see how the children produced by this marriage, and the differences and division between them, pictures the struggle between the flesh and the spirit in every child of God.

I. A Sterile Barrenness

1. Isaac and Rebekah have a wonderful marriage. They love each other; they are committed to each other; they have a sweet relationship. But there is one big problem, they have no children.

2. Now in this particular case the fault does not lie with I ...

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