by James Merritt

Read It or Weep!
James Merritt
James 1:19-25


1. There has never been another book like it in the history of the world. It has outsold more books than any other book in history; selling at the rate of twenty-five million a year; it is currently being translated into six hundred different languages; and since the turn of the century, there have been over eighty translations in English alone. Of course, I am talking about the Bible.

2. Ninety-three percent of all Americans own a Bible. The average American home has four Bibles. Yet, only 11% of Americans read the Bible every day, and 50% never read it.

3. You may think I am being unfair by including all Americans. But when you look at only those who claim to be born again Christians, only 18% read their Bible every day, 23% never read it, and 57% of all adults who do read their Bible, only read it in church.

4. I suspect that most Christians think an epistle is the wife of an apostle. I heard about a Sunday School teacher who asked his third grade Sunday School class this question: ''Where can I find the beatitudes?'' One little boy said, ''Have you looked in the Yellow Pages?''

5. Well, I agree with President Woodrow Wilson who said:

''I am sorry for men to do not read the Bible every day; I wonder why they deprive themselves of the strength and of the pleasure. It is one of the most singular books in the
world, for every time you open it, some old text that you have read a score of times suddenly beams with a new meaning. There is no other book that I know of, of which this is true; there is no other book that yields its meaning so personally, that seems to fit itself so intimately to the very spirit that is seeking its guidance.''

6. In other words, President Wilson was saying, ''Read it or weep!'' The person who doesn't read his Bible has no advantage over the person who has no Bible. The reason why we need to be reading it and applying it, is because the Bible is God's bl ...

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