by James Merritt

Whose Fault is it?
James Merritt
James 1:13-15


1. An elderly man recently widowed and retired, decided to buy a motor home and see America. He hadn't bought a car in over twenty years, and a sales rep was showing him the various features of an RV.

As he was explaining all of the features, he said, "And what does this button do?" The sales rep said, "That's the cruise control. You just get this big boy rolling down the highway, press that button, and it drives by itself."

Well, they decided to take a test drive, and the two of them took off down the highway with the sales rep behind the wheel, explaining all of the wonderful features of the RV.

The Rep said, "Sir, would you like to drive for a while?" The elderly man said, "That would be nice." They stopped, switched places, and drove off. All was going well, and the sales rep told the man that he was going to go back and stretch out on the couch in the back of the RV and enjoy the ride.

2. He had just closed his eyes for a catnap when he heard a voice say, "What kind of mileage does this thing get?" The sales rep looked up in horror to see the old man sitting on a chair beside him. He spluttered out, "Whose driving?" The old man said,
"Oh, don't worry, I've got it on cruise control."

3. The sales rep dashed for the driver's seat, but he was too late. The RV came to a swift curve in the road, went straight through it, down an embankment, across a cornfield, and wrapped itself around a big oak tree.

4. Well, the sales rep had it towed back to the sales room. When they got there, the owner of the dealership looked in horror to see this beautiful RV totally smashed. He said, "What in the world happened?" The old man said, "The cruise control doesn't work."

5. That gentleman exhibited a problem we have in society today that I call the "It's-not-my-fault syndrome." We've got excuses for everything. An obscene phone caller has a "uncontrollable ...

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